Alfa Romeo



Classic Remise, Düsseldorf Andy_BB via

(Compfight  ( the car in the middle is an Alfa Romeo Montreal the cars on he side are not)

Now you fellow readers might be wondering what I am talking about today, and I want to tell you Alfa Romeo isn’t a kitchen supply company it is a car manufacturing company. I chose to write this post about Alfa Romeo  instead of Ferrari is because I believe they are the under dog and isn’t getting the recognition they should get.  and they where creating automobiles since 1908 and are still not very well known. Alfa is an abbreviation that stands for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili and google translate doesn’t know what it means but I know the bit at the end stands for automobile but the rest I don’t know about.  Alfa Romeo was one of the original grand Prix racers the sign at the top of my blog is a p3 it has the Ferrari logo because they where bought out by Ferrari and then bought by Fiat along with practically every other car company. The only problem with ALFA Romeo is they post a lot of concept cars but they are rarely carried through, but that is my only problem with them other wise there a fabulous car company.

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sincerly Gavin