VR: Virtual Realities

In a world of his own
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VR is the future of gaming and I believe it will soon take video game consoles out of business if they cant adapt to a changing market.

In the 1980’s, arcades got put out of business by consoles and everyone moved over to consoles.  but when VR was released to the open market it took the gaming world by storm \.Play station<<< adapted and released PlayStation VR,  Xbox is working on VR, same with lovely old Nintendo. VR is still in its early stages but still it has forced the Gaming market to change so much  but  imagine the technological capabilities in the next 5 years of VR will be insanely good. You remember how I mentioned arcades earlier?  There are now VR arcades popping up around all over the place which I think is really cool!

 I mentioned earlier that VR was just starting  well, after digging deeper I found out its actually a thing of the past! In 1993 A console called the Virtual boy was released as a table top mounted VR headset that came with a plug in controller and some 8 bit games. I was able to get a picture of it.


it has a higher price than any other classic console priced at $228.99 used. but Nintendo isn’t making them anymore because, well, their classic consoles. So we have seen VR before but it was just a failed experiment and now it  finally coming full circle. An old console remembered by no one is finally coming full circle. by coming back I mean Oculus VR is searching thru the old parts of the virtual boy and trying to see would it have worked. And they are still working on it so we don’t have any new information on it yet.

Well, that’s the end of this post. If you have heard of the  Virtual boy before or went to one of those VR arcades, leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.

  Sincerly Gavin




Stephen Hawking: Black Hole Genius

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Learner traits are the traits you show as you learn and I think no one best suits those traits better than Stephen Hawking and his line of work. He expresses these three learner traits and more.

Risk Taking

He had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which put him into his wheelchair, while still trying to get his theory that black holes emit radiation noticed. He was expected to die in June 2015  and worked all the way through and exceeded that date. He is still alive and well, he just experienced a slight drop in health in 2015.


Stephen Hawking is confident because he has made several theories about space time relativities, black holes, and more. He also cannot talk so that would add difficulty to his  lectures about physics and other topics.


He spent a week with the Pope discussing how people can blend religion and science into their lives. He runs a charity called the Stephen Hawking Foundation which is trying to put a stop to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Those are the reasons I think Stephen Hawking is the perfect example for this learner traits post. Stephen hawking qualities can influence you by  well inspiring you. He has overcome serious situations and problems even when no one expected him or thought he could. he has pushed through every limitation he had and he is still going strong I believe  if he did all that you can do anything.

Well, that’s it for this post , I will see you on the next post, bye!

by Gavin


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