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Death In Space: Death by Ambulance


Strangely Dave wasn’t dead as minutes ago he had been bitten by a highly poisonous Galorpin but he would soon be if he doesn’t receive medical treatment. As me and my friend Bill carried Dave up a hill to an evacuation zone nearby. The Galorpin could be anywhere, in any nook and ditch behind him, at Earth literally anywhere because Galorpin have the ability to teleport. the hill climb was long and tiring but it was mandatory to get out of there as quickly as possible now we just needed to round a corner and we would be there. as we raced around the bend we  evacuation point Dave had already gone unconscious. Bill quickly grabbed up a  Suzuki Radio and called for help it took 1 minute for the med ship to arrive but when it did it landed on them because Bill put in the wrong coordinates because he was an unpaid intern with no clue of what he was doing. The pilot of the ship hopped out looked around and saw he squished the evacuees so he hopped in the space ship and sped off. Pretending that never happened. 

Harris Burdick Mysteries: Missing in Venice












The massive cruise liner was circling around Venice, now. Since, the tide that surround Venice are usually weak. The cruise liner can usually get 100 meters off shore with out a worry in the world. But on that fateful day the tides grabbed the mighty vessel and pulled    it towards one of Venice’s smaller channels. The captain of the ship who’s name was Charles put the boat in reverse. But the reversing cruise liner was still being pulled into the channel, smashing into buildings reeking havoc among those who lived n that channel. Then the tides pulled out of the channel and out to sea to disappear just 1000 feet of shore. Some say it sunk quickly but the only thing we know is its gone and every one on that damned boat is surely dead too.