8 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Hi Gavin,
    I cant believe that snow is coming this early in the year but that is great. I enjoyed your post. Have a great day.

    • Hi James,
      ya I cant believe it snowed this early in the winter and it still snowed but well I am replying late te snow is all gone now. I am happy you enjoyed my post so thank you ill be checking out and commenting on your blog soon.
      sincerely Gavin

  2. Hi Gavin, it’s Sarah.
    I can’t believe how early snow came this year. I’m pretty sure Nov 3rd should be some kind of record! Mt. Washington is even supposed to open a week or so early. I checked the snow cams, and there’s enough to ski already! I’m super excited to get back up there, because I really want to try snowboarding. I’ve never done it before, only skiing, but it looks fun.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I am commenting from the future or November 27th. the future is grim it has no snow cause it melted and now it rains constantly. typical west coast weather but the mountain has more than a meter of snow now so that’s all good but it rains constantly. do you enjoy snow or rain which one do you like better?
    Sincerely Gavin

  4. Hello Gavin,
    Greetings from New Jersey! I happened upon your blog and thought how fitting it is, as we are experiencing snow in my town today. I love how poetically written your blog post is, especially the simile you used at the end. Snow is my favorite part of winter. What is yours?
    Also, if you are ever enjoying a snow day at home, this may be a fun experiment to do at home with your family: https://www.sciencekiddo.com/snow-science/ Keep up the great work with your blog posts!
    Sincerely, Lisa

    • Hello Lisa,
      thank you for commenting on my blog.My favorite part of winter is skiing and the rush you get when you head down the slope after a good snowfall the night before. Thank you for leaving the link to a fun little experiment.
      thanks for visiting sincerely Gavin.

  5. Hi Gavin!

    This was a great blog post! A lot of people do not like the snow but I am glad you have a positive outlook on it! I really liked when you said “Snow falls from the sky ever so peacefully and lays on the trees like icing sugar.” It created a peaceful picture in my mind and found it very relaxing.

    Best wishes!

    • hello Lucas,
      thanks for commenting on my blog. does it snow much where you live, it hardly snows here unless you are up on the mountains. well thank you for commenting on my blog bye.
      sincerely Gavin

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